Teen Refugee Integration + Community Building



How do we welcome the world's displaced citizens into a better shared future? The Artivist Nest will be hosting a seven day residential program for ten migrant youth, artists and social activists in Monterosi, Italy. This creative retreat will be led by a team of experienced facilitators with expertise in group dynamics, arts-based facilitation, experiential learning, social change and leadership skills. The participants will be guided through a process that will support collaboration, community building and creative expression. Outcomes will include increased self-confidence, new found practical skills of creative expression and a strengthened belief in their ability to make positive change in their own lives and in their communities.


Seven day program to include dance, choreography, music, video production, story telling, fireside chats and rituals, grief and trauma exercises, collaborative meal prep and cooking, shared meals, walks ++



Monterosi, Viterbo, Italy 


Villa Farnia



September 2021


+ Comunita' di Sant'Egidio, Rome

+ ten-twelve youth from Italian migrant community 


+ Gani Naylor,


+ Selma Turajlic, selma turajlic


+ Documentary, Peabody award winning director, Hugo Berkeley.


+ Partnership for Youth Empowerment - PYE 

+ Elisa Sednaoui Foundation 

+ Amazing People of The World - APOW 

+ Joanna Macy


We the co founders recognize the delicacy of this subject, and the precarious nature of the politics and feelings each participant lives with. We are acting from personal agency to help in the way we can - aiming to create support, awareness, understanding and possibly some form of change in attitude in the public around the rights and realities of migrants. 

We are frustrated by our powerlessness to address the broader and more perfidious issues of war, political violence, diplomatic failure, etc., that cause the state of these refugees at the origin. 

We hope that by extending a hand to a group of brave young people, they may get a few steps further, feeling the support of their fellow global citizens, and perhaps inspired to take this work and attitude forward.